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East Sussex County Training 
First Response



Current options for First Response training courses are running both online using video conferencing software and  Face to Face in order to be a flexible as possible. Please see below for training opportunities and a link to book.

There are currently 3 options available for First Response training within East Sussex:

1. Full Course face to face (All of parts A & B Completed) (1 day)

2. Part Blended. (Short Course)

a. Complete E-Learning (First part of 10A) (2.5hrs)

b. Attend face to face Short Course covering the second part of 10A and the Practical assessment 10B (3.5 hrs)

3. Blended

a. Complete E-Learning (First part of 10A) (2.5hrs)

b. Attend online trainer led second part of 10A (3hrs)

c. Practical assessment 10B (20 mins)

Course Bookings

Further details of each module can be found below under Course Details.

Please scroll down through the modules to find the booking form.


Short First Response - Module 10A & 10B (e-learning MUST be completed first)​​​​

  • Monday 13th May 2024

    • 18:30-21:30​

    • 17th Hove HQ, Hangleton

Full First Response - Module 10A & 10B (no prior learning required)​​

  • Sunday 9th June 2024

    • 09:15-16:15​

    • 17th Hove HQ, Hangleton

10B Practical Assessment only (e-learn and zoom session MUST be completed beforehand)

​Please check back for further dates.



We are sorry if the date you require is not available. Please check back regularly to see new courses.

Please note that if the date is not showing on the booking form, unfortunately that course is now full.

In the mean time please ensure that you have completed any E-learning that is necessary for your role and informed your Training Advisor so they can record this and arrange validation of the module.

Click Here for the First Response Training Booking Form

Course Details

Full First Response - 10A & 10B

This is a face to face course which includes all the criteria required for First Response

Short First Response - (Part Blended)

This is part 2 and 3 for First Response. You must first complete the E-Learning before attending this course. During this part of the course it builds on what you have learnt in E-learning and includes interactive discussions, questions and activities with the other course participants and the tutor. This includes 10B practical assessment

Notes for First Response - Module 10 

This is up to a 3 part training module.

Part one is online E-Learning. This must be completed prior to part two.

This is accessed using the following link - Link to First Response E-Learning (Hosted by Hampshire Scouts)


Part two is an online course with a Trainer. Both parts one and two must be completed prior to part three.

This is booked using East Sussex Training Course booking form above.

Part three is a practical assessment. This is booked using the details below.

First Response - Practical Assessments (following blended training route)

It is important to note that you MUST have completed part 1 (Online E-Learning) and part 2 (Online course with a trainer) before booking/completing your part 3 practical assessment.

The assessments will take approximate 15-20 minutes and you will be expected to demonstrate the assessment and approach of a scene and CPR.


Once you have completed both part 1 and part 2 you will receive a link to the practical booking form

Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time for your assessment as we may not be able to accommodate you if you are not present for your booked assessment slot.

Any queries should be addressed to the training team

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