Welcome to the Safety Page

If you need a sounding board, not sure or want to check something please get in contact in the first instance by emailing Tim Hookins (County Safety Advisor)  email: csa@eastsussexscouts.org.uk

This is a new page and we are currently reviewing what would be useful to you all. So your suggestions are needed and welcome.


For all activities there is safety advice on the National website members pages pertaining to:- 

POR (Policy Organisation and Rules)

Or simply type into Google “Scouts Activity Advice” and this will pop up as a choice:-


General Activity Guidance

There is guidance and support for a wide range of activities you may choose to do in the Scouts.

Quick links


As we begin to be able to do more with more of our members, please remember when you have had an activity, review what went well and what could have been done better with your team.

Then when doing a round up of activities at your District meetings “recalling the fun had by all” Please please share details, contacts etc with those interested plus the amended RA (risk assessment).

Obviously we hope you don’t have to report an accident or incident or a “near miss”. For those who have been out of the loop a little or new to Scouting this is an important tool recently adopted and encouraged by The SA.


It’s there to help everyone at an event that either will be repeated by the same team or a different one. 

Again use google for speed type in “Scouts near miss form” if you're not accustomed to the members page. 

Please send it to the email above it will be treated with confidentiality.

The more we share, the more we show care. 

Stay safe all and have fun