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East Sussex County Training 

The Training Scheme

To support adults in Scouting, the Association provides a comprehensive programme of training to build on existing skills and knowledge and develop new competencies. The aim is to provide adults with the skills necessary for them to deliver and/or support the programme for our youth members.

The key to the training scheme is the Training Adviser. Your Training Adviser will support you as you work through the Training Scheme and will sign off the relevant parts. The Scheme is delivered through a framework of Modules. The modules you will need is dependent on the role you are going to undertake.

Each module has two parts:

Learning – You have the opportunity to gain or improve the knowledge and skills that you need to perform your role. As the training scheme recognises prior learning, knowledge and experience, you may not need to complete training if you already have the skills and knowledge contained in that module from previous experience in the workplace, in Scouting or in other volunteering.

The best way to undertake the learning is always a course (on our Training Courses page), as you learn as much from sharing ideas and good practice with your fellow participants as you do from the trainer. However, we do have flexibility in our learning methods, and understand that not everybody will be able to get to the courses. Some learning can be done through e-learning, videos, workbooks or one-to-one.


E-Learning links can be found on our links to online learning page. Please remember to let your Training Advisor know once this is completed.


Where there is not E-Learning available and for other resources these can be found here

Validation – in this part you provide evidence to demonstrate to your Training Adviser that you are able to put the skills and knowledge contained in the Module into practice in your Scouting role. Validation is essential for every module except the mandatory ongoing learning modules. Some guidance for validation ideas during current restrictions can be found here.

The Adult personal file for training with all training details and validation criteria can be found here. There are different training files depending on your role.

In addition, there are some training modules that, as a volunteer, we must keep up to date with, especially Safeguarding, Safety and First Aid. Both Safety and Safeguarding are E-Learning modules and can be found on the E-Learning Links page. First Aid is blended learning with a mixture of E-Learning, Tutor lead course, and a practical assessment

If your role is as a Manager or Supporter in Scouting, your Training Adviser will have experience of being a Manager or Supporter themselves. Your Training Courses are available at a Regional level, please speak to your Training Advisor for details.

Any queries should be addressed to the training team

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