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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to I get help with a question I have?
    Firstly we recommend you take a look through these FAQ's. If you still have a questions please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with the team.
  • What is the Transformation project in Scouts UK?
    We're transforming volunteering at Scouts to make it easier, more enjoyable and rewarding. We’re rolling out changes to help us: Give a warmer welcome for everyone Deliver better learning Simplify how we volunteer together With the support of easy-to-use digital tools. We’re rolling out changes to the volunteer experience in stages - first to members in Early Adopter Counties then to members in All Other Counties.
  • Is there a page from HQ about Transformation?
  • Given the new importance of Trustee Boards is it mandatory for everyone on a TB to complete Trustee Training Module even if they had completed 01EX before September 2020?
    Strictly no (ie its not a compliance point), but strongly encouraged. But in the world of 'strongly encouraged' it may be better to wait until after transformation and have them complete the new Trustee learning module.
  • Is there a standard trustee nomination or application form we can use to recruit new trustees especially from the local community. These need to be in place prior to AGMs. Rather than every group/district having to create their own wouldn't be good to have a standard template from TSA?
    There’s no need for a specific nomination or application form. There are recruitment materials at - Then the usual pre-Compass forms at -
  • Who are the Early adopter Counties?
    Early Adopter Counties are: Belfast, Berkshire, Coventry, Dorset, Greater London Middlesex West, Guernsey, Clwyd, Humberside, South East Scotland and West Yorkshire.
  • Who is the County Lead for Transformation in East Sussex?
    Ash Jones East Sussex Transformation Lead County Growth Lead East Sussex Scouts
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