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CEOP 'ThinkUKnow' Introduction Course

Most of us use the internet several times every day, whether it is on our computers, tablets or phones and we are constantly reminded that it can be a dangerous place, particularly for young people. However with an increasing use of technology for education, gaming, socialising and organising our daily lives, it is also a very useful tool and can be a lot of fun. The CEOP ThinkUKnow Introduction Course helps adults in positions of trust to know what to do should a young person come to them for help with a situation online and to learn more about the current issues young people may come across when using the internet.The course consists of one day and will cover topics such as the following:

- How to report content or concerns to CEOP

- Popular online uses, apps and live streaming

- Online sexual abuse

- Nude selfies

- Resources available to leaders and young people

This is the first time the course is being run for Scouting in East Sussex and will enable those who attend to present the ThinkUKnow course on behalf of CEOP, rolling it out to the rest of their Scouting teams.

CEOP requirements state that photo ID must be brought to the course, details of this will be found on your confirmation email.

The course is being held in the back room at the venue.

You will need to bring a packed Lunch for the course.

This is a non-Uniform event.

Course Manager: Gordon Titherley

If you want to book on a course - follow the link -



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