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#GoodForYou campaign

Volunteering at Scouts isn't just about changing young people's lives. It's about doing something that is #GoodForYou too.

"When it comes to volunteering it truly works both ways, you get out just as much as you put in, volunteering for scouts is great for building those career boosting cv skills. its good for your mental health, good for your mental well-being and your families to, you get to spend more time together having fun, basically good for you. So if you're thinking about a happier healthier future, turn that into action and volunteer with us today, in a way that's #GoodForYou" - Chief Scout, Bear Grylls

After a year of being alone we are now starting to reconnect with one another again, and begin again the work of building our young peoples Skills for life and support their well-being.

Last year threw a spanner into everyone's routine, and after 14 years of growth in the Scouts, we saw a decline last year of both young members and adult volunteers. But only 6 months into the year we have long waiting lists again but we need volunteers to make Scouting accessible to all members across the country and in particular here in East Sussex.

Even though our sections had to stop meeting in person, our incredible volunteers have not stopped delivering incredible activities with thousands of hours of Zoom sessions and home set tasks.

Our amazing volunteers not only help teach our young people skills for life, they also volunteer in many other ways such as finance, inclusion, training etc.

For more information on how to volunteer within East Sussex head to our volunteers page



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