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New Advice: Use of Photographs

We have created a new advisory document relating to the use of photographs, videos or audio clips to promote positive messages about Scouting in East Sussex. The document is available to download here.

The onus is on those who do not want their young person or adults’ photographs, videos or audio clips taken and/or used to promote Scouting in East Sussex.  

If you are a parent or carer of a young person or are an adult leader or helper and you do not want their/your photographs, videos or audio clips used on our web site, on social media or shared with local or national press to promote the positive message of Scouting, please can you tell the person in charge of the Scouting event or let someone know who can in turn inform the Leader in Charge.  If we inadvertently use a photograph, video or audio clip that you would like to be removed then please let an East Sussex leader know and we will endeavour to remove the image, video or clip as soon as possible.



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