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Quatermasters stores!

We are looking to appoint someone to the role of County Quartermaster/s. A key part of the Scout Programme is camping, outdoor activities and training and the county owns equipment that enables us to do this.

The County Quartermaster/s would be responsible for looking after and maintaining all our equipment that we have in our store room.


• Maintain an inventory of all equipment, including an annual inventory check

• Ensure that the store is kept tidy

• Deal with bookings for equipment and prepare equipment when required for


• Ensure all equipment is returned and stored properly after use and all damage is dealt with

• Any damage will need to be documented and reported to the committee and County Commissioner

before the Quartermaster will accept the item back into the stores

• Perform basic repairs or arrange to get the equipment repaired

To find out more info or to apply, head get in touch using the numbers on our 'volunteer' page.