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Recognition for 40 years at Lewes Bonfire Celebrations

Derek Cleaver – ADC General Duties for Lewes District, the Band leader for the Lewes District Scout band and the DofE and QSA Coordinator for the County was presented with some gifts and a cake as a thankful recognition to the his loyalty from the Commercial Square Bonfire Society.

Tuesday the 5th November, marked the 40th year that the band, led by Derek, had paraded in Lewes for the bonfire societies celebrations. Thousands of people attend the celebrations every year and to have a Scouting presence is amazing.

We were all immensely proud of Derek for this achievement, through the years he has given opportunities for so many young people to march and play proudly under the Scout Band banner with him on the November 5th Lewes bonfire celebrations.

He is and continues to be an inspiration to all the leaders and young people he supports.

Well done Derek, and thank you.



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