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Show your stripes as a Unit Leader

There should be no unnecessary barriers to anyone becoming part of our Unit Leadership Team. Never been to a Jamboree before? – that’s OK! Not an Explorer Scout Leader? – absolutely no problem Never been on a plane? – step forward tiger!

Considering it? Applications are open until THIS FRIDAY 10th September at NOON for candidates interested in these roles!

Unit Leader - Unit Leader Role Description

Unit Lead Role Description
Download • 599KB

Deputy Unit Leader - Deputy Unit Leader Role Description

Deputy Unit Lead Role Description
Download • 597KB

Assistant Unit Leaders - Assistant Unit Leader Role Description

Assistant Unit Lead Role Description
Download • 597KB

We’re welcoming written or video applications. Whatever type of application you make, you will need to complete the Unit Leadership Team Application Form and send it to Ben Hedges (ACC International) Just to inform you the selection weekend of 25/26 September has been postponed to where we planned for the youth weekend, this means the new leaders selection weekend will be held on the 23rd - 24th October 2021, more details to follow.

Unit Leader application form
Download • 591KB


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