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#TuneUp19 - latest

Well with just over a month away, I hope you've booked your tickets. I just wanted to let you know what else we've got planned in addition to ur previous posts.

We're going to have a demonstration of hand-bell ringing with John Cripps on the Saturday (one session in the morning and one in the afternoon) in the Log Cabin - come along and have-a-go.

There will be bases for instruction and demonstrations on Tilly Lamps (bring yours for repair), Mini Pioneering, Twist making, Veggie Backwoods Cooking, Rocket making, Programme in your Pocket, Knotting, Forestry as well as a stand discussing the 'Overland' and 'Downsman' competitions.

If you want to use this weekend as an opportunity to recruit new members then please contact Jan ( to get them booked in.



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