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WSJ 2023 Questions and Answers

Where and when will the 25th World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) be?

The world scout jamboree will be held from 1st to 12th August in 2023 in SaeManGeum, Jeollabuk-do Province with dates either side for travel and UK contingent event.

What is a World Scout Jamboree?

The World Scout Jamboree is a bit like the Olympics’ – it is held every four years at different locations around the world. Scouts from nearly every Scouting attend for an event to share fun, adventure, world issues and friendship. Approximately 45,000 Scouts are expected at the next event to be held in South Korea. The Jamboree lasts for 12 days, and on top of this is sightseeing, and hosted hospitality to form a 3-week expedition.

Who can apply to go as a participant?

To apply to be a participant you must be born between 00:00 on 22nd July 2005 and 23:59 on 31st July 2009. These dates are set by the UK Contingent and are out of our control.

What happens if I was born outside of these dates?

If you were born after these dates, you should be eligible for the 26th WSJ in 2027 being held in Poland. If you were born before these dates then you should look at other international activities, such as RoverWay, Moot, or the International Service Team for the Jamboree.

Where will the Jamboree be?

The Jamboree will be held in SaeManGeum, Jeollabuk-do Province. Find out more about the site by visiting the Jamboree website at

What is the Jamboree theme?

“Draw your Dream!” expresses the desire of the members of the Scout Movement to transform the World Scout Jamboree into their own festival and to grow their dreams through it. SaeManGeum, which will be shaped into a spacious recreational ground (10 km²), where young scouts from around the world will pursue their dreams throughout the World Scout Jamboree.

What makes a Jamboree special?

The Jamboree is not just a huge gathering of Scouts and Guides from all around the World, it is more than that. Scouts from around the world living, working, and having fun together. When a member of the United Nations visited the Jamboree in Japan, he described it as “the way the World should be”. It is truly a special place where Scouts can share their cultural and national backgrounds and words cannot do it justice.

Can I join the expedition late or leave early?

The Jamboree unit will leave the UK and Return to the UK as a whole unit. It will not be possible to join late or leave early.

What is the UK contingent?

The UK contingent is the name for all the participants, leaders and the International Service Team who will attend the event from the UK. The entire contingent will contain about 4,000 people!

What makes up a Jamboree unit?

A Jamboree unit is made up of 40 people; this is 4 leaders and 36 participants organised into 4 patrols. The UK contingent will include approx. 90 units.

Will I know the people in my unit before we go?

The unit is likely to be made up of Scouts and Explorers from across the County and you may not know many people at the start of the journey. However, in the build-up to the Jamboree you will have several training events to get to know your unit and many Scouts tell us that by the time they go to a Jamboree their unit become like a second family.

Do I have to be a Scout?

Yes – you must be a member of UK Scouting to attend. If you leave Scouting / stop being an active member of your Scout group / Explorer unit, your place may be withdrawn.

How much will the Jamboree cost?

The Jamboree fee is made up of two separate amounts.

  1. UK Contingent Management Team are currently working on the costings for 2023 and we hope to have this information before early autumn. However, as a guide the UK HQ WSJ fee for the last Jamboree in the USA was £3,295. We are expecting a fee of between £3,300 - £3,400 for South Korea.

  2. This amount covers all costs from when the unit assembles at a UK Airport, until their return, uniform items and some kits (such as kit bag).

  3. East Sussex Scouts Training Fee. This is the cost of training and pre-jamboree activities in this is normal around £200 but hasn’t been confirmed.

Will I get support for the cost?

Normally the county and district will support with grants towards participant, this isn’t compulsory but normally will support every member that goes. More information with this will be released later.

Am I allowed to fundraise to pay for the Jamboree?

Absolutely, we would encourage you to fundraise to help raise your Jamboree fee, this can be an important part of your Jamboree journey. In the past many participants have fundraised their entire Jamboree fee. However, fundraising may be more difficult in the aftermath of Covid. Essentially, if you work hard at your fundraising, you are more likely to raise more.

Will we be insured?

The UK HQ will organise the insurance for the expedition (usually through their insurance arm – Unity). When we have details, we will forward this on to you.

Will I need any vaccinations?

Quite possibly yes. You will need to have any vaccinations which are compulsory for the countries we are visiting, once the UK contingent know what is needed you will be informed.

More information will be released as soon as we get informed via UK Contingent.

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