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Explorer Belt Opportunity

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Explorer Belt Hungary 2020 The Explorer Belt is a challenge of a lifetime. It is a chance to take part in a 10-day expedition that brings you a real understanding of a different country, its culture and way of life. You will develop this understanding by traveling through Hungary, working as part of a small team to complete a series of projects and, most importantly, by meeting local people. It is an experience and an achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life.


The expedition will take place between 15th – 29th August 2020.


Participants need to be between 16 and 25 years of age on the 15th August 2020. Teams need to be a minimum of 3 people at the start, but we invite pairs or singles to apply as you will have the opportunity at the training weekend to form teams if you don’t already have one.

However, please note that we will not form teams for you – it is your choice who you go with!


There is a compulsory training weekend 30th Nov to 1st Dec 2019 to be held in Chessington, Surrey. This is a residential weekend at which you will be briefed on health, safety, the expedition requirements, money, kit, insurance, travel, logbooks and project work.


The August expedition cost will be £650

The training weekend cost is £30 – this is in addition to the main fee and includes a one-day London travel card. If you have an Oyster/travel card already the price reduces to £18.00.

Places are limited but we will do our best to accommodate all those who apply – however seats on the flights will not be booked until all of a team’s members have paid their deposits – late deposit payment may result in a higher flight price which we will need to pass on to that team’s members.


The expedition is about exploring another country, it’s people and its culture. To do that teams will need to travel through various areas to get a flavour of the cities, the agriculture, the industry and the countryside. This is best done on foot to maximise the interaction with the local people. However, it is not a route march and teams would only anticipate spending approx. 4 hours a day walking. Anyone with additional needs please do make contact and we can discuss how we may be able to adapt the arrangements to enable you to participate.

Expedition Leadership

This is being run by an experienced team of leaders who have delivered successful Explorer Belt expeditions to Lithuania, Tuscany, Southern France, Sweden, Benelux and Galicia in the last 12 years. The team will be in country for the duration of the two weeks and will be able to give assistance/advice to any team whilst they are on their own during the 10-day expedition.


For additional information or to apply for a place please contact;

Ian Newbery –

Applications Must be made BEFORE the compulsory Training Weekend on the 30th November 2019.

Download PDF Flyer HERE



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