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Overland 2018 - Hike Report

Overland Hike 24 – 25 March 2018

This years hike had a full complement of 70 teams, 35 Scout and 35 Explorer Scouts making the highest entry for some years.

From the start at Park Wood Scout Camp Site all teams walked to the first via point where they split odd number teams following a clockwise route to Fulking Rec, Mile Oak Farm, Thunder Barrow Hill, Beeding Hill, Tottington Manor, Oreham Common, Perching Sands back to the Campsite in Poynings Village. Even numbered teams completed the 15 mile circular route in reverse. During the day teams were met with challenges at each checkpoint and this year these included: Identifying Activity Equipment, Changing a Babies Nappy, Rope Making, Measuring Wind Speed, Back to Back Mapping, Identifying items in a Bag and Stamp & Coin Collecting.

Of the 68 teams that started 55 completed the first day and once on the campsite were monitored on their camping skills. After a good night’s rest that was one hour less due to the start of BST the first teams set of at 07.00 via Pyecombe, Jack & Jill in Clayton, Lower Standen Farm, Ditchling Beacon, Ditchling Cemetry hiking to The Adastra Village Hall, Keymer where 54 teams completed the two day challenge. Again teams were presented with a number of incidents which included; Highway Code, Horseshoe Throwing, Laying a Table, First Aid (Hypothermia) and Cooking a Potato.

As in previous years we used GPS tracking system to monitor all the teams. This proves invaluable as an aid to ensuring all teams were safe and for added insurance the recovery vehicles & walking recovery teams were also fitted with trackers to enable the nearest to an incident to be dispatched quickly. Without the continued support of Scouters and others the hike would not run. The organising team is indebted to the continued support of checkpoint teams, recovery, walking recovery and first aid teams. Of special mention is the campsite team who arrive late Saturday morning to have the site marked out and ready to receive the first team at around 15.00hrs and then on Sunday dismantle the site and apart from some trampled grass leave the site as if no one had been there. There is also the administrative team that few see who make sure information is collected at the start and then collate all the scores from the weekend to produce the final result and the certificates. Please remember the last team arrives at around 16.15 and the result is ready at around 17.00 having been checked and checked again to ensure it is correct. During the run up to the weekend, the Hike’s administrator is busy amending the paperwork for the new Hike and producing the important data sheets for the Organising team. Also we have to thank the catering team who provide a hot meal for all finishing teams. Lastly our grateful thanks to the land owners who give permission for us to have checkpoints on their land.

All teams completing the hike were presented with their certificates and woggles by the East and West Sussex County Commissioners, Youth Commissioners and the Scout and Explorer Commissioners.

The Derrick Payne Scout Novice trophy was presented for the first time to 10th Haywards Heath B.

Next year’s hike will take place over the weekend of 23rd - 24th March. Once you have digested your team’s results it will be time to consider planning your training programme for the coming year. We look forward to seeing another entry of 70 teams for the 2019 Hike somewhere on the South Downs.

Our grateful thanks go to our sponsors which this year included:

Terrain Vehicles for a control vehicle and Fusion for Pennants

Albert Hinton | Mark Wavell | Mark Lloyd | Philip Prior



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